Take a fresh deep breath of the Mediterranean Sea from Sète and relax yourself at the K-Live festival 2017. Storm gone and we are taking our time to discuss with one of the UK Hip Hop’s pioneer, the titan, with deep jamaican bass combined with an authentic flow so introspective as self-mockery, that our neighbours appreciate much.

Because we are the most morning based magazine that wakes up early or goes to sleep very late, we are very interested about what our favorites artists most like to do at the beginning of their day. Here comes his turn for Rodney Smith ake Roots Manuva aka Manuva MC with Multiple Morning Choices Question :

What are you doing in the morning ?

Are you more a morning person or do you enjoy to lay in ?

– I’m the most morning person, I wake up at 4.30. I need to see the sunrise in order to enjoy a complete day.

Is it easy for you to wake up or do you need 10 alarm clocks ?

– Like a Gunshot (he slaps his hands)

« One, Two, Three, BANG ! »

Are you more on Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush or even Nokia 3310 ?

– I’m not on technology, I don’t need those bad vibes only the morning glory.  (+ laugh).
« ndlr » : it’s obvious that he is a big fan from our chronic.

More English Breakfast to drink, or a Colombian espresso, a smoothie or beer to detox ?

– Expresso, totally ristretto… What Else ?





Do you prefer to eat a breakfast, a big brunch or no food to detox ?

– No, I’m a real cooker that does a lot mess, with 10 millions pots open. A real kitchen’s nightmare especially for Gordon Ramsay because you spend more time cleaning than cooking.





Scones or baked beans ?

– I love scones, even if my religion doesn’t allow me to eat any.

NDLR : Ital is vital, as vegan, it’s not possible to eat eggs or dairy products.

What kind of music do you need to get in the good vibe : Stevie Wonder, Mozart,  Bob Marley or Skrillex ?

– I’m an old man, I need to start with the classics and I need to free my spirit with AL Green and some Gospel. Then I can listen to Rap, some West Coast Rap with Tupac. Otherwise, I have a big interest for the Wu-Tang, because I’m a huge Method Man’s fan, truly.

« I’m ultra fan of his flow…
M.E.T.H.O.D. MAaan ! »

Also I can listen some Drake to motivate myself in the middle of the day.
Ndlr : Drake’ve just broke with JLO but don’t behave like bullshit medias – they only had a difference of 17 years.

Your favorite french track ?

– I.A.M. no doubt,  I’ve been following them from the very beginning, especially the album De La Planète Mars, wich is not recent, it’s from 1991, I think… By the way, I appreciate and respect the Freeman’s work on Palais de Justice’s album. I’ve asked for a featuring but without any answer.

« j’suis tellement d’la rue que je crois que ma mère a accouché d’une plaque d’égouts »

« I’m so from the streets that I think my mum gave birth to a sewer plate »

(I’ve finally found where this punchline is came from)

 You are talking about groups, would you like to do more featuring or to have your own ?

– I’ve already got one, the Banana Klan.

– Really ?

– Yes, with many differents MC’s but that did not stay longer. Money would have made the group implode.

Witch track is the best that does it for you every single time ?

– Shit, I don’t remember the title. The one that goes like (he’s singing) :

« Just one look at you.
And I know it’s gonna be…

– The singer standing on the window, turns back and sings :

« A lovely day »
from Bill Withers !

Are you on time or always running late ?

– Always on time, it’s a mark of respect towards others, so it’s really important for me.

So it’s more fitness with much running or more lazy with Ganja smoking?

– I’m not very on sports, so the other choice.

 Can you remember your dream or is it impossible ?

– Yes, a lot. And it’s a big problem because it’s very disturbing.

– I can’t help you.

– That’s a shame because it would save a lot of money.

Do you need  to write to express yourself or do you prefer to make your own concert in the shower ?

– I’ve got a deep voice so sounds need to come out. It’s weird but I need it to feel lighter, as if something mystic has to come out. Haven’t you seen the movie « the green mile » ?

Yes, I do
– That kind of stuff.

What is a good way to start the perfect day ?

– Obviously, sex with my wife (morning glory), to enjoy cooking a good meal and to have fun with a sound.

But the most important thing is to please the wife.


You’ve got 286pts, you too Rodney, youre really « in » for The Morning Mag.

THANK YOU Roots Manuva & All the group.

By the way, we want to share one of his last track Dead Editors, that we appreciate so much, done by the Trip Hop’s titan: Massive Attack.

NDLR : This is an unofficial video but we like it because it’s making reference to our logo and his so mythic monolith from Kubrick. No conspiracy theory is used on this footage.

Interview made during the K-Live Festival 2017 in Sète by Jon.


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